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Star Wars Parody Which Is Acutally Funny


Making a parody of an action movie, most of the time is not outright hilarious but watch this Star Wars parody by Jose Anaya will make you ROFL.

Korean Girls Try American BBQ


Out of all american cuisine, BBQ is loved by all for is delicious flavors and the smokey yumminess.

As american BBQ is not easily available in South Korea, Digitalsoju decided to make a video which will leave you delighted and with a craving.

Little Jedi Kid Fights Darth Vader Like Crazy


Watch this cute kid with a few serious moves as he takes on the Darth Vader at the Disneyland’s Jedi Training Academy.

Bill is Smart – Be Like Bill


The origins of Be Like Bill memes is unknown but it started to surface late in 2015 in open forums like Reddit. Right now Be like Bill is going rage and we can’t have enough of it. Here is our top picks for Be Like Bill meme.

Is It really about the shower?

10 Lesser Known Movies That You Should Watch


This is a (all time) list of those lesser known gem which are overshadowed by main stream movies. Watching these movies are a delight for an avid movie lover. This list is mere a humble suggestion and is not in any particular order.

10.Once Were Warriors

This is a movie that tells the story of a modern  New Zealand family, dealing with violence and poverty. The movie has got an amazing cast that gives a great performance which will keep you hooked you from the beginning to the end, evoking an array of emotions making you laugh, cry, sing and rage.

Top 9 Romantic, Beautiful and Secluded Beaches


Beaches without the crowd is one of the hardest places to find. Kick back and relax as we give our top 9 picks for secluded, beautiful romantic hideouts.

9.Porpoise Bay Provincial Park

Porpoise Bay is in the Caltins, on the southern coast New Zealand’s South Island. It provides a great campground and beautiful parks with modern amenities. The beach here is quite and provides excellent private spots.

Top 15 Movies of 2015


Now that 2015 has passed, we at The Aiden Blog take a look at the best 12 movies of yesteryear which includes both mainstream movies as well as indie movies.

15. It Follows

It Follows is one the the most innovative horror movie in recent times which relies less on jump scares but still manages to get under your skin.

The eerie soundtracks and desolate settings shot in Detroit will catch you by surprise. The  performance by the actors is just adds value to the movie.

Happiest Reaction to Star Wars


Watch this little girls reaction on the Star Wars trailer which will definitely bring a smile upon your face. The Star Wars Episode VII is the top grossing film of all time leaving Avatar behind.